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From Powdered Buffalo Wing Sauce to spice and binding formulations for meat alternatives; from natural antioxidant blends to enhance shelf life and palatability of pet food ingredients up to premixes for infant and clinical nutrition: At our customized formulation centres we can create truly customized ingredients solutions to meet your challenges.

Do  you already know what you need and are you looking for a highly attractive procurement alternative? In any case, just talk with us about your business opportunities and we will find a better solution for you.

Powdered specialty food ingredients for better taste, convenience and function

AmTech Ingredients is a leading, US-based producer and supplier of powdered specialty food ingredients. With its extensive range of sweeteners like honey powder , all sorts of vinegar powders, condiments like mustards or sauces , citrus fruits, nutritional and shortening ingredients, AmTech serves a wide spectrum of applications in the food and pet food industries. You need a custom formulation with a unique taste profile or a specific function like added convenience in the processing, better consistency in the preparation or extended shelf life? AmTech Ingredients has the development and manufacturing power for your challenge.

You want to know about powdered specialty food ingredients for your business? Read about our wide offer at www.amtechingredients.com.

Custom formulated powders

Spice services, blends, bindings, brines and coatings

Maustepalvelu from Finland creates and formulates a wide range of advantageous blends like spices, bindings, brines, coatings, or batters, customized for your application. You want to develop the next big thing in the meat substitutes market? You are looking for tasty turnkey solutions for your savoury or bakery applications? Or are you interested in new concepts and ideas for your local markets? Maustepalvelu provides comprehensive service ranging from concept and raw material testing over R&D in a fully equipped concept R&D application centre , the preparation of customized blends up to packaging and delivering.

Read about our services and diversified offer of blends at  www.maustepalvelu.com.

Maustepalvelu Sauces

Lecithin from the purest form

With over 20 years of experience in lecithin, Unilecithin is a worldwide leading supplier to the food, feed, pharmaceutical and personal care industry. Unilecithin offers a unique value in matching customer needs with lecithin ingredients from the purest form, while offering full IP traceability, backed up by a certified quality system which complies to the highest international standards.

Our strict quality policy works from seeding to harvest followed by transportation, handling, processing and shipping.

Interested to explore which lecithin solutions could help your business grow?  Find out more at www.unilecithin.com


Nutritional fortification or antioxidant solutions

You want to create new products or improve existing recipes with nutritional fortification or antioxidant solutions? Thanks to state-of-the-art blending and spray-drying facilities in The Netherlands, Singapore and USA, Vitablend experts bring you through every steps of your product development process, production, and supply chain cycle. They help you to enhance the Nutrition profile of your product with custom-designed fortification or protection solutions such as: antioxidant blends, micronutrients premixes, micro-encapsulated fat systems (omega 3 & omega 6).

Are you interested in nutritional fortification or protection solutions? Or do you want to know what spray-drying can do for your business? Please visit us at www.vitablend.nl.

Expert working in a Vitablend Laboratory

Citric and other basic additives

RFI Food Ingredients is Germanys largest distributor of citric, tartaric, and malic acid and salts thereof and also strong in the intensive sweetener and other basic additives markets. You are in the food, pet food, feed or pharmaceutical industry and need a reliable partner with excellent products, sophisticated logistics and superb warehousing services?

RFI Food Ingredients offers valuable know-how and access to the portfolio of selected international sourcing partners. Liquefaction , milling , repacking/ensiling and coating complete the comprehensive offerings. Specify your challenge and RFI will perform.

How can we assist you in your product development with our additives? Welcome to visit us at www.rfi-trading.com.

RFI lemons