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Sep 09, 2020

Petfood Forum CONNECT is live

PetfoodForum is going virtual and Vitablend is presenting its innovative antioxidant offer in a virtual showroom September 9-10 & 15-17.

Meet our antioxidant specialists online by registering and making an appointment. To REGISTER FOR FREE send an e-mail to our Vitablend office in the United States on this e-mail to receive an invitation from us. 

See Vitablend's antioxidant offer and download the antioxidant application leaflets on this page or click on the below image, or contact Vitablend directly: 

Yohann Hureau, Vitablend United States General Manager

Rik van Baak, Barentz Latin America Business Development Manager


Vitablend is a leading manufacturer of antioxidant systems for pet food products with production plants in the US, the Netherlands and Singapore. We offer a dedicated range of both natural and traditional phenolic based antioxidants combined with full analytical support to protect your pet food products from the effects of oxidation. Vitablend is part of Barentz.